Pacific Veterinary Imaging

Radiologist - Seattle region, WA US

Listing from June 25th 2019 to December 22nd 2019

Contact Information

Ryan Schultz
Email: [javascript protected email address]
Phone: 425-583-9523

Job Description

Why a locally owned radiology practice?

Work in a career that is fulfilling and controlled by the employees, where you have the opportunity to work and still enjoy a quality of life, perform the amount of ultrasounds and interpretations you can handle while making a considerable amount more as an employee and potential owner of a business without meeting quotas, long required hours, limited vacation, excessive meetings, etc. You will have the ability to control your future career and life.

Mentoring by radiologists and other specialists, collaboration, and personal relationships with many colleagues are part of the routine.

Job Description

Pacific Veterinary Imaging is seeking a board-certified or board eligible individual to fill a Radiologist position for mixed mobile, teleradiology, and specialty services. Pacific Veterinary Imaging provides mobile services in the greater Seattle region, but focuses primarily in a concentrated area so commuting times are limited between mobile appointments. We work with several of the regional specialty hospitals, many general practices, and provide teleradiology services.

Responsibilities include consulting with veterinarians and specialists only (no pet owners) in interpreting and performing radiography, ultrasonography, CT and MRIs.


We offer competitive salary, higher production, benefits, and the potential for significant advancing income without having to increase your hours and workload. We also have the long-term vision of being operated by radiologists and to continue to pass the business on to future employees.


The greater Seattle area is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, one where pet owners abound and so many of them take extraordinarily great care of their furry family members. Business is booming and demand is always increasing.

The Seattle area offers a vast array of outdoor and metropolitan opportunities (much more than can be listed here!) with mountains, ocean, islands, forests, lakes all within an hour’s drive. And times are changing. Unlike when the owner of Pacific Veterinary Imaging grew up in the state, the summers in Western Washington are seeming much longer and warmer, as are the springs and falls, with much fewer days of rain. In the next decade the Pacific Northwest will likely be one of the most desirable places to live in the country, for its great moderate weather and astounding natural beauty.